Take Back Your Portfolio

Managing your portfolio of donors can make or break your fundraising efforts. Efficiently moving donors through the pipeline is a delicate balancing act. It deserves better than sticky notes, spreadsheets and luck. It deserves a personalized conductor's podium to orchestrate success. Music to your ears?

Overcome CRM Deficiences

CRMs are storage units. They weren't set up for portfolio management and they certainly weren't built for frontline fundraisers. In the old days, you would have to determine what step donors were at one-by-one. With Gravyty, you can get a birds-eye view and move quickly through everyone under your umbrella.

Real-time Predictive Insights

Ever wonder what would happen if you combined your donor's giving data, wealth scores and big public data? With our donor heatmap, we help you figure out the best donors to talk with, so you can remove the guesswork and focus on building great relationships.

Artificial Intelligence Alerts

Artificial intelligence, boiled down, is pattern recognition on a large scale. What better way is there to drive new donations than to apply AI to a donor's giving history?

Holistic View Of Everyone

Did we say 'everyone'? Yup. As a manager, you can see across all of your fundraisers to understand how each fundraiser, and your organization as a whole, is handling their portfolio so you can take action.

Fully Customizable

Your organization is unique and may have unique steps that donors go through on their way towards making a gift. No problem. We've got you covered.

Find the Right Balance

Managing a portfolio of donors requires a year-round balance where donors move in and out of various stages. These cycles can often take months or years. With Gravyty's artificial intelligence supporting you, you'll never lose track of where you are with a donor.

The Gravyty Portfolio Management module includes the same easy-to-use interface that Gravyty users have come to know and love.

Here are some of the features available with this service:

Available to fundraisers, volunteers,
board members, and more

Quickly move donors between
portfolio management stages

Holistic view of donors and
what stages they are in

Integrated portfolio
management process

Beautiful design and
user experience

Customized workflows
Accessible analytics

The Gravyty technology saves important time and resources so nonprofits can focus on delivering their mission and helping those they serve.

Tim Smith

The Boston Foundation

For Fundraisers, By Fundraisers

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