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About the Sales Enablement Specialist position

Gravyty is seeking a Sales Enablement Specialist who is passionate about technology, Social Good, and being that connection between marketing and sales that accelerates opportunities. You’ll work to maximize the success of the sales team by coordinating and customizing deliverables that help reps spend more time working with customers and prospects. A successful Sales Enablement Specialist will fit into our competitive team and continuously improve the processes and resources that drive sales success.

Additional Information

Key Responsibilities include: -Enabling sales reps to spend more time working with customers and prospects -Working with sales reps to understand their needs, identify roadblocks, and problem-solve to find the right solutions, quickly. -Taking direction from marketing to ensure messaging is on-point and new messages are conveyed and internalized by sales. -Being self-aware and understanding how to take feedback and turn it into an output that drives a successful outcome. -Identifying gaps and opportunities to create new content. -Writing, designing, and building content as needed. -Supporting lead generation. A Successful Candidate: -High-level of self-awareness and the ability to create and/or collect the resources you need to be successful -Ability to present and coach teams on new materials/messaging -Proven ability to work in multidisciplinary teams -Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to develop trusting relationships with diverse teams -Know how to create content and collaborate with individual contributors