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A look into how Gravyty's partnership with Cure Alzheimer's Fund amplified their impact by raising 43% more funds to tackle Alzheimer's.

Founded in 2004, Cure Alzheimer's Fund has contributed more than $56M to research, and its funding initiatives have been responsible for several key breakthroughs. Their goal is to stop Alzheimer's disease through early prediction, prevention, and effective intervention in those patients who have become symptomatic.

Learn below how Gravyty helped Cure Alzheimer's in the first year of their partnership.

Smart Ask Amounts

Ask amounts created from artificial intelligence algorithms can take advantage of deep insights hidden within data. Organizations no longer need to think about annual vs. multi-year commitments and pull numbers out of thin air. Our ask amounts are smarter - and get smarter every day learning from fundraiser and donor actions.

Better Travel

With global missions, organizations from schools to cures & causes to hospitals and more have donors around the world. Having travel solutions that help you figure out the best donors to contact, at the best time, and in the best location optimize your travel. Fundraisers spend time in the right cities and support anchor visits with the most opportune supporters of your organization.

Intelligent Moves Management

Larger portfolios can be a reality as long as technology is there to help you manage deep relationships at scale. Using intelligent moves management, which takes on much of the burden of categorizing donors for you, helps fundraisers and managers be better.

Deploying Gravyty’s technologies frees up the fundraiser to deepen relationships and ultimately close more and larger gifts.

Laurel Lyle

Director of Fundraising Programs | Cure Alzheimer's Fund

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Learn how Gravyty helped Cure Alzheimer's Fund enable their fundraisers to exceed campaign goals and build deeper relationships with donors at scale.