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Gravyty is part of a vibrant collective of partners including consultants, technology companies, foundations, and more. These organizations believe in Gravyty and help our clients raise more money, together.

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iWave is an industry-leading prospect research and fundraising intelligence platform that puts organizations in control of the wealth screening process.

Salesforce.org gets technology in the hands of nonprofits and educators so they can connect with others and do more good. Gravyty is a Salesforce ISV partner.

Ellucian provides best-in-class technology solutions which are designed for the modern student, staff, and faculty to specifically meet the needs of higher education.

With some $1 billion in assets, today the Boston Foundation is one of the largest funders in New England. The Foundation and its donors make more than $100 million in grants every year.

Staupell Analytics Group is an experienced team of professionals dedicated to improving fundraising through business intelligence.

Amplified Impact is a strategic advisory and research firm working to advance innovative, sustainable solutions to social challenges. We help mission-driven leaders and organizations across sectors to catalyze ideas into action.

Washburn & McGoldrick helps colleges, universities and independent schools successfully seek philanthropic support and create lasting relationships through education, focusing on strategic planning, philanthropic relationships, campaign planning and execution.

Donorly provides comprehensive research to help you take the guesswork out of cultivating new donors and prospects. We can help you focus on cultivating potential donors who have the capacity and affinity to support your organization.

Frakture is transforming how nonprofits use and interact with their data. Frakture's Robots do your data dirty work of integrations and automations, leaving you the fun part of analyzing and using the data.

Veracross is a school information system based on a single, fully integrated database, providing a platform for the future, all delivered with exceptional service.

Room40 is a consulting and advisory group that works with the leadership of nonprofits to help their organizations improve, grow, and change.

DonorTrends helps nonprofit organizations maximize donations and net revenue, while streamlining fundraising costs and workflow. Donorlytics gives you key fundraising metrics and powerful predictions about your donors.

SaveOhno is an online platform where college students, social organizations, and corporations team up to reduce carbon emissions. Nonprofits and experts create campaigns, and college students complete them with help from motivated corporations.

Development Strategy Consultants (DSC) supports start-up and mid-sized nonprofit organizations by generating sustainable, long-term fundraising strategies, designing annual fundraising programs, cultivating infrastructure for development departments, and leading campaigns and events.

Pledge 1% Boston encourages and challenges founders and CEOs to pledge 1% of equity (either personal or company equity), product, and employee time for their communities, and help put that intent into action.