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Gravyty combines predictive modeling, highly curated data visualization and cutting-edge fundraising research to produce an intuitive cloud-based dashboard specifically built to empower your fundraisers to easily leverage data while staying focused on building relationships and closing gifts for your organization.

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Gravyty's intuitive dashboard design is the first service specifically built for fundraisers to use daily. Our service empowers fundraisers to stay focused on the donors most likely to make impactful gifts the soonest while also providing regular visual feedback on goals and achievements to help fundraisers be more efficient and raise more money. Our cloud-based service is not a replacement for your organization's CRM but rather a tool for fundraisers in your organization who do not have a particularly strong data analytics background.

Fundraisers alarmingly change jobs, on average, every 16 months. Unfortunately, research has shown that it take 9-12 months for a new fundraiser to fully onboard and become proficient in their organization. This only leaves four to seven months of productive, full-scale fundraising work by each new fundraiser. By using our intuitive dashboard loaded with our predictive algorithm and unique onboarding process, fundraisers will become more efficient earlier in their tenure and will be empowered to raise more money from the donors in their portfolios.

Organizations today have more donor data than ever before. Unfortunately, the majority of fundraisers aren't proficient at data analytics and experience data paralysis which encourages them to become stagnant in their fundraising approaches. By using our proprietary ratios, we have found ways to automatically visualize the most important data and empower fundraisers to easily leverage that data to build relationships and close gifts.

Based on years of research we have created a proprietary model that can predict the order in which donors in each portfolio will make their next impactful gift to your organization. This predictive model is our special sauce and uses a highly curated set of private, public and behavioral data. Combined with our intuitive dashboard design, we have developed a tool that your fundraisers can use every day to make them more efficient and help them raise money for your organization.

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We are a team of entrepreneurs, fundraising practitioners, researchers and technologists dedicated to developing meaningful products and services to help your organization raise more money.

Adam has spent the past five years working as a professional frontline fundraiser. He has raised millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations and has had the unique opportunity to view fundraising as both a practitioner and an entrepreneur. Prior to this, he founded three businesses and spent years working in international finance.

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Adam Martel

Rich Palmer

Rich has eight years of experience in product management, web development, and design thinking across numerous sectors. His expertise lies in product design and development for big data and predictive analytics - visualizing and enabling massive data sets such as CapitalIQ and Relationship Science (RelSci) to become approachable.

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Advisor and Advocacy Board

Diverse and distinguished professionals across fundraising, advancement, business and predictive analytics.
Representing nonprofits from the education, medical, arts, and humanities sectors.
Helping to build Gravyty.


Frequently Asked Questions

No! Gravyty is a stand-alone cloud-based software that augments data from your CRM to empower action!
CRMs are primarily used for data management and for reporting. Gravyty takes specific data points (which we have proven to be the most relevant data to predict donations) and augments them to produce sorted and actionable visualizations of your donors so you know who to contact and when to maximize the amount of money they might give your organization!
You can access Gravyty on your PC or Mac through the web (the same way you would access your gmail account). We are actively developing mobile apps for you to take on the go.
Every donor management software system that we have seen and worked with seems to believe that more data is better. Gravyty is the first tool specifically built for fundraisers that makes data actionable by not using more data - but, instead using the correct data in smart dashboards - so they can raise more money.
Gravyty was designed to help fundraisers raise more money. We have found that, in addition to professional fundraisers, Executive Directors and volunteer fundraisers can both greatly benefit from our service.
NO! There is no conversion or migration process. We have made it easy and painless to get data from your current CRM into Gravyty!
Made with in Boston
We've proudly developed the current version of our software entirely in-house here in Boston!
Yes! We adhere the highest industry standards for encrpytion and security to make sure your data is safe. This is the same level of security that leading financial, healthcare, and retail companies use to protect their customers.


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