United over a shared vision of solving meaningful problems in fundraising with technology that the industry deserves. We have a mission to become the best technology company you have ever worked with.


Led by former fundraiser Adam Martel and technology executive Rich Palmer, Gravyty was founded in 2016 on the core belief that modern technology can supercharge fundraising. Our driving mission is to help nonprofits raise more money - without hiring more people or buying more data - and delivering actions (rather than just reports).

We are on a mission to advance advancement and make nonprofits AI-enabled.


card Adam Martel

Adam Martel

Cofounder & CEO

As co-founder and CEO of Gravyty, the first and leading artificial intelligence company focused solely on social good, Adam Martel is driven by empowering nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, hospitals, and healthcare organizations to inspire giving at a scale never thought possible before.

card Rich Palmer

Rich Palmer

Cofounder & CTO

As co-founder and CTO of Gravyty, the first and leading artificial intelligence company focused solely on social good, Rich Palmer is driven by applying technology in ways that improve our world for the better.

card Lindsey Athanasiou

Lindsey Athanasiou

VP of Sales

Lindsey is a successful former fundraiser who deeply understands client needs and how technology can help nonprofits fundraise better.

card Jonathan Michaels

Jonathan Michaels

VP of Engineering

Jonathan is an accomplished software engineer, with a knack for creating amazing client experiences and services at scale.

card Kevin Leahy

Kevin Leahy

Director of Marketing

With more than a decade of experience across marketing, public relations, and journalism, Kevin is a strategic communications advisor who is helping Gravyty tell its AI story to the world.

card Lisa Alvezi

Lisa Alvezi

Director of Customer Success

With 13 years experience in higher education, Lisa brings her expertise in fundraising and relationship management to provide creative solutions and drive success for nonprofits.

card Nima Abbasi

Nima Abbasi

Director of Data Science

Nima uncovers meaningful insights hidden in data to help make predictions and prescribe action for more effective fundraising.

card Matt Pierce

Matt Pierce

Senior Software Engineer

Matt is a skilled software engineer who works tirelessly to bring impactful technology to your finger tips.

card Jona Ferreira

Jona Ferreira

UX/UI Designer & Developer

Jona is a UX/UI designer and developer who produces new and creative work for the best user experience.

card Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell

Director of Sales

After spending 20 years in collegiate athletics, Chris brings intimate knowledge of the higher education landscape.

card Jon Burdo

Jon Burdo

Machine Learning Engineer

Jon implements machine learning techniques, drawing on his knowledge of computational linguistics to make valuable inferences from user data.

card Dan Dropkin-Frank

Dan Dropkin-Frank

Senior Account Executive

Dan is a skilled relationship builder who brings energy to the sales process and is excited to bring cutting edge technology to fundraising.

card Linda Lull

Linda Lull

Senior Account Executive

Linda comes to Gravyty with more than 25 years of experience in fundraising software including Raisers Edge, NXT, Paradigm, Millennium and Research Point.

card Eric Finn

Eric Finn

Senior Software Engineer

Eric is a Senior Software Engineer helping frontline fundraisers build more relationships with AI.

card Barbara Talvitie

Barbara Talvitie

Head of Office Operations

With over 15 years of experience, Barbara helps foster the company culture and streamline operations; enabling the team to perform at their highest level of productivity.

card Ashanti Jackson

Ashanti Jackson

Customer Success Manager

Ashanti transforms what's possible in fundraising by giving fundraisers enablement tools that they love – with artificial intelligence.

card Keturah Hammond, bCRE

Keturah Hammond, bCRE

Senior Implementation Specialist

Keturah has 15 years of experience serving nonprofits, working as a data manager for higher education and medical organizations, and as a product manager creating and supporting fundraising applications.

card Drew Fox Jordan

Drew Fox Jordan

Marketing Coordinator

Drew’s commitment to social justice, fueled by his competitive drive, helps prompt Gravyty’s mission to enable fundraisers with the use of AI.

card Reilly Conroy

Reilly Conroy

Business Development Representative

Reilly brings a fresh approach to Gravyty’s outreach, infused with her innate diligence and passion for social good.

card Paul Afthim

Paul Afthim

Senior Account Executive

Paul has more than 20 years of software sales experience, and is inspired to bring his knowledge and relationship building skills to the non-profit and healthcare fundraising landscape.

card Marcio Santos Pereira

Marcio Santos Pereira

Business Development Intern

With 15+ of experience driving revenue growth. Marcio's passion for technology and bringing value to operations performance, is helping shape Gravyty's future.

card Edward Spaulding

Edward Spaulding

Creative Director

Edward helps share our story and the success of our clients through innovative and inspiring creative content and direction.

card Kenna Wood

Kenna Wood

Customer Success Strategist

Kenna has decades of experience in advancement and is motivated by helping fundraisers and their organizations achieve success, at scale.

card Steve Fiske

Steve Fiske

Senior Account Executive

With 20+ years of experience working in higher education, Steve comes to Gravyty ready to share his expertise and foster new areas of growth for the team.

card Thomas Dattilo

Thomas Dattilo

Software Engineer

Thomas bring a wealth of software engineering expertise to the team to help enable fundraisers.

card Mary Frailey

Mary Frailey

Customer Success Relationship Manager

Mary's experience in frontline fundraising and technology strategy helps empower nonprofits to quickly realize their goals with Gravyty's AI-enabled suite of tools.


Raymond Chang

Raymond Chang

Board Member

Raymond is the Managing Director of NXT Ventures, an adjunct professor in entrepreneurship, and a seasoned international CEO.

Jay Love

Jay Love

Board Member

Jay is the founder of Bloomerang, founder of eTapestry, AFP Ethics Committee Chairman, and a recognized expert in nonprofit technology.

Christopher Mirabile

Christopher Mirabile

Board Member

Christopher is Chair Emeritus of the Angel Capital Association, Managing Director at Launchpad Venture Group, co-founder of Seraf, and columnist for Inc.